Designing a Beautiful Kitchen

When it comes to kitchen design bigger isn’t always better. With the right design, a small kitchen can appear as spacious, and function as efficiently as many larger kitchens. With some tricks of the trade in your tool belt and some help from our design experts you can easily make any size kitchen fulfill your wants and needs.

One of the most important factors in designing your kitchen when space is limited is the appliances you select. In any kitchen, and especially a smaller kitchen you want to save space without sacrificing function or appearance. Typically European appliances are more compact and take full advantage of the space they do use. There are also slimmed down sinks available, and when combined with a wall mounted faucet they save a substantial amount of space by allowing the sink to be placed nearly flush with the back wall.

The largest appliance of all tends to be the refrigerator. To limit the space consumed by this essential part of your kitchen consider looking into smaller yet well designed refrigerators such as the Sub-Zero brand 700-series which is only 27’’ inches wide and 80 inches tall. Another option comes in the form of under the counter refrigerator/freezer units that pull out the same way cabinet drawers would.

Usually the next largest and no less important appliance is the oven. While many homeowners would not want to give up any cooking space by selecting a smaller oven, there are models that sacrifice size without restricting even the most ambitious chef. A true 24’’ convection oven can fit a fairly large turkey and many come with a rotisserie that connects from corner to corner to maximize its cooking size. Combine a oven like this with an electric cook top placed above it and you have an extremely functional, space saving cooking area.

After selecting appliances it is important to choose a design layout that will be comfortable and convenient to you on a daily basis. You don’t want to feel cramped while preparing a meal. Consider how much storage space will be appropriate for your dishes, utensils, pots, and pans. Put thought into what specialized drawers or shelves you may want to add to your cabinetry to help with organization and space conservation, such as spice racks, cutlery dividers, or pullout trash can/recycle bin centers. Certain cabinets such as the lazy susan make items easy to reach while taking advantage of corner space that would otherwise be wasted. These are just a few tips and suggestions for designing a beautiful and functional kitchen for your home when space is a commodity and compromising quality is not an option.