Bathroom Vanities

Bathroom Vanities

Bathroom Vanity Design and Installation Services in Northeast Florida

Choosing a bathroom vanity will be one of the most crucial decisions made during any bathroom design project. Vanities are largely responsible for setting the tone for the entire design of the room, and they will determine the functionality of the bathroom as well. For several decades, Kitchen Design Gallery has been helping homeowners in Jacksonville, FL, and the surrounding areas, choose and install stylish, accommodating, and affordable bathroom vanities.

Designing a New Bathroom Around a New Vanity

Kitchen Design Gallery provides many different styles of bathroom vanities. These include both traditional and classical styles as well as more modern and contemporary looks. The bathroom vanities are available in many different materials including wood, marble, granite, and numerous other varieties.

The style, materials, and colors that are included in the bathroom vanity will largely affect the overall look and feel of the bathroom. There are many highly experienced technicians at Kitchen Design Gallery who have completed countless bathroom installations and remodels, who can help you choose the perfect:

  • Bathroom vanity wood species and finish
  • Bathroom cabinetry designs
  • Lighting fixtures for the vanity
  • Bathroom countertop material
  • Hardware and accessories to accompany the vanity

Optimizing Space and Increasing Functionality of the Bathroom

It is crucial to choose a bathroom vanity that will fit the needs of your space and your lifestyle. Some bathroom vanities are designed to be sleek, and to use space very efficiently, while there are alternative options that are quite large to provide increased functionality and storage space.

Are you sharing your bathroom sink with multiple people? You might consider a double bathroom vanity set for your bathroom, which includes two of every feature. This means twice the counter space, twice the storage capacity, and twice the enjoyment. Our bathroom design installation specialists in Jacksonville can help you determine if you have the space and opportunity to take advantage of this innovative type of bathroom vanity.

What to Expect When Working with Kitchen Design Gallery

If you decide to have a new bathroom vanity installed, one of our friendly representatives will guide you through the entire process from measuring your area, making note of special plumbing and electrical requirements, to finding and installing a vanity that fits your tastes, needs, and budget.

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