Professional Bathroom and Kitchen Sink Installation Services in Jacksonville, FL

Kitchen Design Gallery is your local Jacksonville, FL provider of Solera sinks. Solera has a strong commitment to innovation and is always on the cutting edge when it comes to kitchen and bathroom sink design. Their sinks, constructed from only the highest quality materials, is backed by a Solera lifetime warranty.

Sinks to Match any Kitchen or Bathroom Design

Our design team will gladly help you navigate Solera’s vast selection of bathroom and kitchen sink products. Solera sinks are constructed from the following durable materials:


Have stainless steel appliances in your kitchen? Install a stainless steel kitchen sink to match. Stainless steel will not only match nearly any kitchen décor, it is also bacteria resistant, resilient, and easy to clean. Solera offers numerous design shapes and sizes to accommodate nearly any kitchen counter.


Granite kitchen and bathroom sinks give a very luxurious appeal to any interior design. They are typically installed as recessed sinks, without any rim or lip, fitting seamlessly with the countertop. This natural stone is resistant to stains, scratches, and bacteria.


Porcelain sinks often give kitchens or bathrooms a very traditional and classic design appeal. These sinks are often white, and have rounded edges, providing a very soft feel to the room. Solera also offers wide and round porcelain sink designs that provide a more contemporary aesthetic.


The stone bathroom and kitchen sinks by Solera provide a very sleek and sophisticated appearance. These sinks are made from eye-catching black granite and marble natural stone. Stone sinks can turn your bathroom or kitchen counters into works of art.


Glass sinks provide great versatility to bathroom and kitchen interior design. Solera offers tempered glass sinks in a wide variety of shapes, colors, patterns, and levels of transparency. Glass sinks are extremely durable, non-porous, and easy to clean.


Interested in giving your kitchen or bathroom a much more unique look? Consider one of Solera’s bronze sinks, which will transport your décor back to the Bronze Age in the most beautiful ways. These sinks, which have an aged patina surface, are available in interesting designs such as seashells and antique-style bowls.


Copper sinks provide a shiny classic appeal to your kitchen or bathroom décor. Solera offers many simple as well as highly intricate copper sinks, which are antibacterial, and scratch resistant.

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