Custom Closet Design
& Installation Services

One of the simplest ways to organize your life and your home is to start with the closets. If you are tired of facing mountains of clutter, and if you are struggling to find what you need every time you open your closet door, then it might be time to have Kitchen Design Gallery install a Rubbermaid custom closet.

Have Your Closet Meet Your Personal Needs

A member of our experienced design team will meet with you in order to discuss what you would like to keep in your closet. Your new personalized closet space will be designed to provide a place for everything that you need to store, putting high priority items in prominent positions. Rubbermaid offers a wide variety of products to help you organize your closet, including:

Adjustable closet shelves

High quality drawer sets

Built in closet hampers

Scarf and tie racks

Adjustable wire racks

Moveable wire baskets

Jewelry drawers

Radius vertical panels

Custom closet doors

You simply let us know how you need your closet to perform, and we will provide the design and installation services necessary to optimize and organize your space.

Install a Custom Closet That Matches Your Interior Design

After working with Kitchen Design Gallery, your closet will become another space in your home that you will be excited to share with others. Rubbermaid offers collections of luxury custom closet accessories that will beautifully fit and/or enhance the décor of your room.

Get Started With a Custom Closet Design Today

If you are in Jacksonville or the greater Northeast Florida area and you would like to have a custom closet designed and installed, contact Kitchen Design Gallery today. We look forward to providing valuable design and storage solutions.